Frequently asked questions

about ArcoAgritecture

At ArcoAgritecture we strive to make our agricultural production efficient and productive. We’ve developed modern and sophisticated technology.  Arco Agritecture takes inspiration from Paolo Solaria's drawings and concepts.

Agriculture at Arcosanti has several duties to preform in relation to Paolo Soleri's designs.  He incorporated plants into the buildings to fulfill a variety of missions. From producing food to shading the structures from the heat of the sun.  

Also his designs integrate the greenhouse food production systems into the heating cooling systems.  He created heat duct tunnels that channel the moist air from the green houses up through tunnels under Arcosanti's building heating in winter and cooling in summer through thermal exchange.

ArcoAgritecture does supply foods to Arcosanti residents through it s CSA membership.

ArcoAgritecture is a small farm which is approached through and dedicated to sustainability.

ArcoAgritecture Creates fertilizer as compost for its farm from Arcosanti residents food scrap collected for composting.  


ArcoAgritecture does accept volunteers which is a hands on work experience.